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The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Four Thousand Footer Club was formed in 1957 to introduce hikers to some of the lesser-known sections of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. At that time, peaks such as Hancock, Owl's Head, and West Bond were trail-less and rarely climbed. The problems of overuse were unknown, except along the heavily visited Presidential Range and Franconia Ridge.

The creation of "the list" provided a reason for hikers to explore new areas, and in turn lessen the concentrated use of the aforementioned areas.

Today, the Club is composed of active hikers whose travels in the mountains keep us informed with the changing conditions of the White Mountain backcountry. Each year, individuals, friends, and families, take up the pastime of hiking. Somewhere along the way they get hooked on the pursuit of hiking the four thousand footers. For some it is done as a physical challenge. For others it's an opportunity to pursue a shared goal. For families, it's a way to build bonds that will last a lifetime. It is the hope of the Club that these experiences will keep our members working for the preservation and wise use of wild country.

6/25/19: Thousands of Journeys ….
Statistics for Lists We Recognize (1931-2019)

Due to popular demand, please view the following chart to see a breakdown, by year, of the number of finishers of the White Mountain Four Thousand Footers, New England Four Thousand Footers, New England Hundred Highest, and Northeast 111!

5/31/19: Above Treeline, Boots and Plants Don't Mix...….
LNT and Staying on Trail in Alpine Zones

The wildflowers, plants, mosses, and lichens of New England's alpine zones are hardy enough to survive hundreds of miles south of where they're usually found -- but susceptible to hikers' boots. As spring hiking soon sidles into summer hiking, and you find yourself drawn (as we all are!) to areas above treeline, please be mindful of the delicate life forms in your midst. Click here for details.

5/8/19: Thinking of Getting Muddy?….
Suggested Guidelines for Springtime Hiking

At least at lower elevations, the snow is melting and the air is warming up — the itch to get back out into the hills is growing unbearable. However, it's also mud season, a time of year where trails are most susceptible to long-lasting damage. Click here for the AMC Four Thousand Footer Committee's thoughts on hiking at higher elevations during mud season, as well as tips for practicing low impact hiking and how to prepare for other springtime hiking hazards in New England.

5/2/19: At Your Fingertips….
Launch: 'AMC4000' Social Media Accounts to Keep Hikers Connected

Live just in time for the 62nd Annual Gathering, the Club recently debuted its presence on Instagram and Facebook. Followers can look forward to hiker-centric features, including 'mini-celebrations' of list completers and those working on wrapping up lists. Original and user-submitted photos will be the hallmark of these platforms, as well as new information on routes and news & announcements germane to hikers of peaks on Club lists.

4/27/19: 62nd Annual Gathering….
2019 AMC Four Thousand Footer Club Meeting, Dinner & Awards Night

One of the larger awards nights in recent memory, our April 27th event at Exeter High School saw several hundred hikers receive scrolls. Mount Washington State Park Manager Patrick Hummel (below) spoke of the ever-growing importance of trail maintenance and stewardship. Along those lines, the Club announced it was contributing $16,000 in funds toward the maintenance of the Osgood Trail ($12,500) and Old Speck Trail ($2,500), as well as $1,000 to The Waterman Fund.

PHOTOGRAPH: Gary Tompkins

Archive: 60th Annual Gathering….
2017 AMC Four Thousand Footer Club Meeting, Dinner & Awards Night

New and old members of the AMC Four Thousand Footer Club celebrated 60 years of gathering to recognize list finishers on April 22, 2017.  The event was held for the first time at the Exeter High School in Exeter, New Hampshire.  The larger facility was needed to accommodate the growing number of attendees.

A variety of new vendors displayed goods and services of interest to hikers, and, Eastern Mountain Sports held a free raffle—giving away packs, tents, and other gear to lucky members of the audience.

Chuck Johnston, AMC chief financial officer, was on hand to receive his certificate for completing the four thousand footers.  Chuck also took the stage for a few minutes to speak about the spirit of hiking, pursuing the list, and giving back to the trails.

The Committee introduced a new tee shirt, and, a new decal—the New England 100 rocker.  All proceeds from the sale of AMC 4K merchandise goes to the trail fund.

Trail work donations for 2017 were announced, with $1,000 going to The Waterman Fund, $5,000 for work on the Twinway, and $5,000 for work on the Lonesome Lake Trail. Since 2008, more than $100,000 has been donated by the Club.

Photographs from the evening can be found here.


Archive: New Hiking/Trail Work List…
AMC Four-Season White Mountain Four Thousand Footer Club

At the 2016 Annual Meeting, Dinner, and Awards Night, the AMC Four Thousand Footer Committee announced the creation of a new hiking list, one that includes a trail work component, a first for AMC hiking lists.  This new list requires hiking all 48 White Mountain four thousand foot mountains, in each, of the four seasons, for a total of 192 peaks.  In addition, it requires 48 hours of trail work.  Finishers become members of the AMC Four-Season White Mountain Four Thousand Footer Club.  Each season is defined by the date and hour of the solstice (winter and summer) and by the date and hour of the equinox (spring and fall).  The inclusion of trail work, under the auspices or supervision of an established organization, is intended to encourage and recognize volunteer trail work.  As members of the Four Thousand Footer Club know, supporting trail work is a big part of the Club’s mission.  It is vital that all who use the trails, give back to the trails.

Each season offers unique beauty and unique challenges.  To learn how to minimize impact on the trails in spring, please click here.

To learn what defines qualified trail work for this list, please click here.

To find ways to participate in trail work, click here.

To apply for the list, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to AMC Four Thousand Footer Committee, P.O. Box 444, Exeter, NH 03833-0444

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Archive: 2016 Contributions Announced....
Trail Donations for 2016

Through the sales of product, and the donations of the membership, the Club continues the tradition of giving back to the trails.  A total of $17,000 was donated this year for the following:

$1,000 to The Waterman Fund, strengthening human stewardship of the open summits, exposed ridgelines, and alpine areas of the Northeast.

$6,000 for much needed work to be performed this summer on the popular Randolph Path.

$10,000 to be used by the AMC professional trail crew for work at the Guyot Campsite, an overnight stop for hikers pursuing the four thousand footers across the Bonds and Zealand peaks.

A big thank you to the members of the Club for their continued generosity.

Archive: Farewell, and Welcome....
New Committee Members Announced

At the 2016 April Awards Dinner, the Committee introduced three new Committee members: Summerset Banks, Jean-Sebastien Roux, and Gregory Ortiz. Two members, Laura Stewart and Mike Dickerman, bid farewell. The Club thanks Mike for his 12 years of volunteer work with the Committee, and Laura for her three years of volunteer work overseeing the dinner and awards night during record-breaking years of attendance.

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Winter Slope Sky

In the mountains of truth, you never climb in vain.  Either you already reach a higher point today, or you exercise your strength in order to be able to climb higher tomorrow.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900)

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