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The AMC Four Thousand Footer Committee is comprised of volunteers who share your passion for hiking and the mountains.  There are nine people on the committee:

Keith D. D'Alessandro, Chair
Summerset Banks, Vice Chair
Deane H. Morrison III, Treasurer
Eric L. Savage, Corresponding Secretary
Steven D. Smith
Gary Tompkins
Jean-Sebastien Roux
Gregory Ortiz
Nancy Sporborg
Brian Miville
Ethan Paquin

Photograph: Mike Dickerman

The FTFC Committee:  Back row, left to right:  Gregory Ortiz, Jean-Sebastien Roux, Deane Morrison, Eric Savage, John Gutowski, Keith D’Alessandro.  Front row left to right:  June Rogier, Steve Smith, Summerset Banks, and Gary Tompkins.

If you have a specific question or comments about the Club, please contact our corresponding secretary via mail or email per below:

Keith D. D'Alessandro

Keith serves as the Committee Chair and has been a member for five years.  His list completions include the WM4K, NH100 Highest, NH3000 Footers, NH200 Highest,and other NE hiking lists.  Keith and his wife Julie are the trail adopters of the east side of the UNH Trail.  Keith also maintains the NE100 route information packet.

Summerset Banks

Summerset serves as the Committee Vice Chair. She has been hiking since 1996 with Mt. Washington as her first 4K.  She has completed the WM4K, WMW4K, NE4K in addition to hiking the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail, plus various trails in the Sierra and Yosemite, Zion, and Bryce National Parks.  She is currently working on the NE100, the NHGRID, and might get them finished if she wasn’t planning to hike more long distance trails in the next few years, too!

Deane H. Morrison III

Deane holds the distinction of being the longest serving member on the 4k Committee, having served for over 20 years.  Deane has served as Treasurer since 2006.  Over the years Deane has amassed an impressive list of peaks, long distance trails, major mountaineering climbs and rock climbing expeditions.  He has completed the WM4K, NE4K, NE100, NE111, both in all season and in winter. And the Catskill 3500 in all-season.  He  was part of the second group of people to complete the NE3K in all-season and was the first person to do the NH3K and VT3Ks in winter.  More…

Eric L. Savage

Eric serves as the Corresponding Secretary.  Each year Eric reads hundreds of applications and essays--every single one--submitted to the Four Thousand Footer Club.  Eric is also past Chair of the AMC NH Chapter.

AMC Four Thousand Footer Committee
PO Box 444
Exeter, New Hampshire 03833-0444

If you have a question that you feel should be on the FAQ page, or, any other suggestions for the website, please contact the webmaster at:

Steven D. Smith, Recording Secretary ~ Steve, along with Mike Dickerman, is co-editor of the "AMC White Mountain Guide" and co-author of "The 4000-Footers of the White Mountains."  Steve is the owner and proprietor of The Mountain Wanderer Map and Book Store in Lincoln, New Hampshire.  He is a trail adopter with the WMNF and a volunteer with Pemi Valley Search & Rescue.  Steve has completed the WM4K, WMW4K, NE4K, and NE100H, and, he has "red-lined" (hiked) all the trails (approximately 1,430 miles) in the White Mountain Guide.  Steve joined the Committee in the early 1990s.

Gary Tompkins, Registrar ~Gary has been a member of the AMC for over 20 years.  He has hiked various trails and peaks in Big Bend, Yosemite, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon, and Rocky Mountain National Parks;  completed NH48 in 2005; completed NE4K in 2007; completed WinterNH48 in 2010, completed NH GRID (a.k.a. 576 or 48X12) in 2013.  Leader of biannual Trail Maintenance Workshops in Skinner State Park and Mount Holyoke Range State Park for The Friends of the Mount Holyoke Range 1999-2004.  USFS, Pemigewasset District, Trail Adopter (Bondcliff Trail, Franconia Brook to Camp 16) since 2012.

Jean-Sebastien Roux, Database Management Jean-Sébastien discovered the pleasure of hiking at age 16 in Quebec, Canada and completed his first AMC list the year he discovered its existence.  He progressed from one official list to the other until he had completed them all, and then some more.  His lists completion includes the Trailwrights 72, NE100 Highest, Northeast 111, Catskill 3500 & 100 Highest. He has also completed the NH3000 Footers and ADK100 Highest and hopes to complete all Northeastern 3000 Footers within this decade.  Outside the Northeast, Jean has hiked extensively in the Canadian Rockies, did the Royal Traverse of Mont Blanc in France and is almost done with the Contiguous 48 U.S. State High Points.

Gregory Ortiz, Product Procurement ~ Greg is one of the new members in 2016.  He has hiked in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Texas and Colorado.  He has finished the WM4K, WMW4K, NH100 Highest, NH200 Highest, and NH300 Highest and continues to work on the NE4K, NE100 Highest, WMW4K and various other lists.  He also is chipping away at the Colorado 14ers.  One day he will get into New York to work on those various lists…

Auxiliary Members
Gene Daniell III, Archivist
Mike Dickerman, Northeast 111 Club Secretary

History of the Four Thousand Footer Committee

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