Mt. Tom Spur and Avalon Trail (2014)

A sampling of some of the muddy sections that were in need of bridges.

Two new sections of bog bridge put in place during the summer of 2014.

Check dams were installed along eroded grades.

What is a Check Dam?

Check dams, a.k.a. check steps, are a way of slowing down erosion, and, building up the tread.  The dams tend to slow and hold surface  water long enough for the water to deposit the sediment it was otherwise carrying down hill.  Eventually, this helps fill in what was once a gully.

Both rock and log are used to create dams.  Each dam is extended and seated into, the sides of the trail to secure it.  The number of dams necessary is dependent on the grade.  The steeper the grade, the greater the number of dams.

Stone work hardens the trail, checks erosion, and provides secure steps for the hiker to ascend the grade.

(PHOTOGRAPHS by John J. Gutowski Jr)

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